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Our name is a marvel in the field of Family Lawyer Springvale services. We have a talented team of professional lawyers that can assist you with any of your family issues. Our impeccable services can be easily accessed in Springvale and its neighbouring suburbs like Clayton, Mulgrave, Clayton South, Noble Park North, Dingley Village, Springvale South, and Noble Park.

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Our legal experts are swift in finding solutions to all of your family issues!


If you’re experiencing the prospect of divorce or any other serious relationship issue with your partner, our Family Lawyer Springvale will lay out various options to handle it professionally.

Separation Lawyers

It’s never easy to make the decision of whether or not to separate, but we can help with that. We know how confusing it is and will answer any questions you might have so there won’t be anything left unanswered!.

Property Advice

Divorce or separation can lead to additional issues like uncertainty in the ownership of assets. If you are in a similar scenario, we can help you sort things out for you.

Intervention Orders

A domestic partnership does not mean you are safe from abuse. If someone is being abusive, intervention orders should be sought out immediately there’s nothing wrong with that! We can help!


If you are seeking divorce and have a child, our lawyers will help you run everything smoothly by getting you fair custody of your child. We can also look into child support arrangements for you.

Spousal Maintenance

The assets may not be enough for one of you after divorce; this is where divorce alimony comes into the picture. Our expert family lawyers can help you decide the alimony amount based on various factors.

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Why Seek Our Help?

Our lawyers are our prime problem solvers!

Best professionals at your disposal

We understand that family issues can be tough for both body and mind. Therefore, we have employed some of the best lawyers that can help you with it. You can seek assistance from various other professionals through our Family Lawyer Springvale.

Paperwork made easy

The paperwork is the soul of your case, and it needs to be filed carefully and on time. Our expert lawyers can help you align all your necessary documents and correct anything that does not fall in your favour.

The courtroom experience

Our lawyers know how to defend any type of case in an actual courtroom. They have knowledge about figuring out the opposition’s strategy and forming a counter-strategy. So, with Family Lawyer Springvale, you are in safe hands!

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