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We provide adequate family lawyer Narre Warren services to guide you through the legal process of separating from your partner, dealing with custody and access arrangements for children or property division. We’re experts who have extensive experience in these matters in Narre Warren and the City of Casey.

Services We Offer

Efficient specialist to help your family.


Divorce can be an emotional and challenging process. But there are experts who can help you with your case. They will make sure that your child’s future is safe, no matter what happens.

Parenting and Children

Your children are precious. They want you more now than ever, so take care of their legal needs in custody agreements or divorce proceedings. We’re here to help with any problems they might have along the way.

Separation Lawyers

It’s a difficult decision to separate from your partner. We make it easier with helpful information on how you can still maintain some form of relationship after separation without any nasty surprises along the way.

Intervention Orders

Domestic violence is a serious issue, and it can happen to anyone. If you’re in an abusive relationship with a person close by, like your partner or family member, we can assist you in intervention orders

Property Settlement

If you’re in dispute over who has the right to own particular assets. Our lawyers will work hard to make both individuals feel comfortable before going up against each other in court.

Spousal Maintenance

After years of marriage, even the most committed couple may need to part ways. That’s where we come in! We’ve got solutions designed just for this situation, so you are not left high-and-dry.

Reach out to us for your family law solutions.

Why Pick Us?

The perfect lawyer is within your reach.


We provide the best professionals

Divorce is a complicated process. It takes time and energy to find people with the right expertise,  but our family lawyers in Narre Warren have connections. And they can find experts in various fields, like bankers or doctors that specialize in mental fitness.

A plethora of courtroom experience

The best family law attorneys in town have been working for years, and they know exactly what strategies you should use against your opponent. They’ve won cases before, so it’s no surprise that their insights on how judges react are unparalleled. 

Trouble-free paperwork

If you are looking for a way to streamline the legal process, then hiring an experienced attorney is your best option. They can ease draft documents that will ensure accuracy and save time filling them with proper spelling or grammatical errors. 

Your Family Lawyer Servicing Narre Warren

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