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We are one of the authoritative providers of Family Lawyer Moorabbin services. Our personnel are well experienced and possess the ability to assist you with any sort of family conflict. On top of this, we serve various other suburbs surrounding Moorabbin, such as Bentleigh, Bentleigh East, Oakleigh South, and Hampton East.

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Emotions can make the divorce process a bit draining and unsettling. So, if you are facing a similar issue, a law attorney can help you settle things rationally. That’s what a Family Lawyer Moorabbin does for you!

Child Custody

Separation becomes way tricky when children are involved in it. But, no need to worry. If you have children, our professional family attorneys can draft fair child custody for the parents.

Separation Lawyers

It’s never easy to make the decision of whether or not to separate. It is even more challenging if you don’t know what your rights are as an individual. We’ll help clear up any confusion around separation!

Property Settlements

Assets are one of the crucial aspects that need to be fairly allocated after separation. If you have any disagreements, our professional lawyers can help you do it simply and transparently.

Intervention Orders

You deserve to be safe. Let us help you! As an individual, know your rights when you’re in an abusive relationship to stay safe. If you are being abused, we will be a guiding light in getting intervention orders to seek protection.

Spousal Maintenance

You may be feeling lost at sea, but we’re here to help. We’ll provide a safety net, so you don’t get left destitute with no source of income in the wake of your divorce or when things ended on bad terms between spouses- even if it has been many years!

We'll assist you with any Family law case in Moorabbin.

Why Do You Need Our Family Lawyers?

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The process is faster

If you go on to solve your family issues yourself, it will take more time. We can help you reduce that time by almost half. Our experienced lawyers can guide you through the resolution process so that you get the required outcome in a minimum time.

We can save you money

If you go on without any professional support, you might end up paying more alimony and child support. Talk to our Family Lawyer Moorabbin, and pay only the fair amount as you are supposed to.

Accurate Paperwork

The most crucial thing in legal proceedings is paperwork. If there is any mistake in your legal documents, your case could be rejected. This is not the case without experts. Our experts ensure that every document is accurate and filed on time.

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