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We speak in all areas of family law.

Family Lawyer Ferntree Gully

We’re the family lawyer Ferntree Gully team to get in touch with for clarity and guidance in family issues. Why? We understand how important a family is and provide quick access to expert legal aid in Ferntree Gully and the connecting suburbs, all in the City of Knox local government area.

Our Services: Best Legal Aid

Get clarity to deal with family conflicts. 


Staying together is hard when things go down south. We’re here to help you with your divorce process and make sure the best interests of both parties are met throughout this difficult time in life, no matter how old or young they might be.

Parenting and Children

When you are going through a difficult time as a parent, it is important to have the best legal representation possible. We understand these difficulties and can assist with anything from divorce proceedings or custody agreements.

Intervention Orders

Are you in an abusive relationship, it’s essential to know your rights? And if you’re a victim of domestic violence, you need someone like us who can help get intervention orders against the abuser.

Separation Lawyers

Separating is never easy and there are many factors that can make the decision difficult. Don’t worry, we’re here for you! We’ll help you navigate through the legal aspects of separation so that your future spouse or partners won’t come as any surprise.

Property Settlement

Do you and your partner have any disagreements about property division? If so, we can work with them to ensure that everyone is on board before heading into the court.

Spousal Maintenance

After a marriage lasting years, the end can be tough. You’re left thinking how to make ends meet without your spouse’s income- it feels like everything has fallen apart around you. Our family lawyer will help you receive what you rightfully deserve.

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Why Do You Need Our Family Lawyers?

Find straightforward and honest lawyers. 

Knows all procedures

The best way to handle any family issue is through the eyes of an experienced lawyer. Your case will be dealt with professionally and appropriately in court so that you can feel confident about your future proceedings.

The process is 2X faster

A good lawyer knows how to get things done. And an experienced one will have the knowledge and skills necessary for the fast resolution of your case. Most clients prefer it because they don’t want years upon decades stuck between them and their desired outcome.

Save money

The best way to avoid paying too much in alimony or child support is by hiring an experienced family law attorney. If you’re entitled, your lawyer will make sure that you receive what’s rightfully yours. And they’ll do everything possible, so it doesn’t come out of any other source than their own fees.

Your Family Lawyer Servicing Ferntree Gully

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