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We work to find the best possible outcome for your family feuds.

Authentic Family Lawyer Dandenong

We are a family lawyer Dandenong practice that has the knowledge, experience and expertise to handle all your needs. We have an elite team, each specialising in a different area and available throughout town or any surrounding suburbs like Dandenong North, Noble Park, Noble Park North, Endeavour Hills, Doveton, Keysboroug, and Dandenong South. 

Services We Provide

We can advise you no matter where you live. 

Intervention Orders

You might think that the abuse is your fault, but it’s not. If you’re in a bad relationship and need help getting out of it or an intervention order against someone who hurt you to protect yourself from violence, we are there! 


We know that deciding to stay together or split up can be difficult, which is why our team always uses sensible methods. We’ll make sure your child’s future is secured regardless of the decision you take.

Property Settlement

If you’re feeling uncertain about how to proceed with your property dispute, our lawyers can help. They’ll work with both litigants, walk into court without any surprises, and know beforehand what they’re dealing with. 

Separation Lawyers

Many people experience the split as an emotional journey that can be painful. We offer comprehensive information and advice about Australian family law so you don’t have any surprises on your separation without being guided with what’s going to happen.

Spousal Maintenance

Many people find themselves in a tough spot when their marriage ends. You may be left worrying about how to make ends meet with no income after years of being supported by your spouse, but our family lawyer can help. Our team has ample experience in it. 

Parenting and Children

The best interest of your child is our number one priority. We have the experience to guide you with divorce cases, custody agreements, and other matters so that you can be there for them when they need you.

Ring us and we will assist you.

Why Trust Us?

The most skilled lawyers are just a tap away.

You’ll get the best and expert lawyers

Divorce can be a complex process when you don’t have the right professionals on your side. Our family attorneys have experts in diverse fields to vouch for your case. The right attorney will Have contacts and how they could lend authenticity with knowledge on banking or mental health doctors. 

Huge experience in the courtroom

When you need a family law lawyer, we have the experience and insight to help get your situation resolved quickly. We know what tactics opposing attorneys will try in court proceedings. No matter how things go, our skilled team can use their years of courtroom knowledge for victory. 

Paperwork is easy with us

The best way to guarantee that your case moves forward is through accurate documentation. The lawyers at our firm will help you navigate this process, so mistakes are not made, and everything goes according to plan, even if it’s for something minor like filling out forms correctly or accurately filing required documents in court.

Your Family Lawyer Servicing Dandenong

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