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We’re your family-in-law always working for amicable solutions.

Trusted Family Lawyer Box Hill

We are a trusted name in legal corridors for our family lawyer Box Hill services. We have a reputation for providing quality, and cost-effective services to both families and individuals in Box Hill and bordering suburbs such as Mont Albert North, Box Hill North, Blackburn North, Mont Albert, Blackburn, Surrey Hills, Box Hill South and Blackburn South.

Our Services

We’re experts in quick solutions to family disputes that need a legal interruption.


Deciding if you want to stay together or not is difficult. We provide sensitive and professional service that will always get the best outcome. If you also have a child, we will ensure his future is well protected.

Separation Lawyers

Life comes at you fast. You might think that separation means divorce, but there are plenty of other options for how to handle your legal obligations. Ask us, we’ve got the answers.

Intervention Orders

If you’re in a bad relationship and need help getting out, there is expert support for individuals who have experienced intimate partner violence. We can seek an intervention order against the abuser for you.

Parenting and Children

We are committed to the best interest of your child. We have experience with all aspects ranging from divorce proceedings, custody agreements, and more so that you can be there for them when they need it most.

Property Settlement

If there is any disagreement related specifically to what each person owns (i.,e., bank accounts)? Our lawyers can work so that both parties feel comfortable heading into court without feeling lost.

Spousal Maintenance

It doesn’t matter your marriage ended in divorce or was never fully recognised; you deserve spousal maintenance. We ensure that an ex-spouse like yourself has enough financial support after separation.

We're here to help you! To know more give us a call.

Why Work With Us?

The best lawyers are at your fingertips.

Access to the best professionals

Divorce is a delicate process that requires the expertise of many professionals. Our family lawyers have contacts and can recruit experts to lend credibility to your case with their knowledge in different fields, including bankers or mental health doctors.

Vast courthouse experience

Our experienced family law attorneys know what to do in any courtroom situation. They have spent years arguing family disputes, which gives them unparalleled insight into opposing attorneys’ tactics and how judges react when evidence is brought up during the proceedings.

Easy Paperwork

It is overwhelming to draft all the necessary documents and file them correctly. Also, If not filed on time or formatted adequately with spelling errors, your case could get ruled against by mistake. We will help navigate this process, so it is more efficient for you.

Your Family Lawyer Servicing Box Hill

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