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You have a family law problem and you’re not sure who to call. You don’t feel you can go through the process alone, so you want to turn to someone who can provide guidance. That’s where we come in!

Our team is comprised of people from all different backgrounds. Some went into law because they wanted to help others after experiencing injustices within their own families. Others joined this profession as a way to pay it forward for those that helped them when they were at their lowest point.

Whatever your reason for seeking out our services, we’ve got someone who can help you at our firm.

Our Attorneys

In the aggregate, our team of more than ten barristers and solicitors has a combined 110 years of experience in Australian family law. They have been called the best family lawyers Melbourne has in practice.

Their peers have nominated them for prestigious awards like Melbourne Lawyer of The Year, Best Solicitor, and Best Barrister. They have been featured in publications like Lawyers Weekly, The Age, and Australian Finance Magazine.

Moreover, they take on a team approach to each case. Though you will work with a single primary attorney, you will also have access to a team of other professionals who are experts in their own right.

We discuss every case we take on in a weekly meeting so that we can bring the expertise of the entire group to bear on your situation. 

We know that you would prefer not to be alone while going through this process, and we’re here for you.

Who We Are

Our attorneys are a diverse group. Some have followed a traditional legal career path, but others have taken different routes.

One of our best family lawyers is an ex-policeman, and another was a lawyer in the Defence Force for many years. They display tenacity and dedication to their clients based on their years of public service.

We have some attorneys who are qualified accountants who can quickly understand the financial implications of a property settlement dispute.

There are others who hold degrees in psychology, nursing, and social work which make them highly qualified to evaluate the impact of the case on your children and provide a solution that is in your family’s best interests.

Many of our lawyers have personal experience as clients in family law disputes. They know first-hand the emotional strain and toll that these cases bring. Thus, you will have someone who understands what is happening to you, both personally and professionally, dealing with your family law problem, as well as your needs for resolution.

The diversity of legal thought that the men and women of our firm bring to every family law problem is a tremendous benefit that smaller firms just cannot provide.

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Our Team

The most important thing for you to realize is that divorce does not resolve property settlements or children’s matters. It simply terminates the legal ties between you and your former spouse.

Completely aside from the divorce, property and child agreements can and should be made with the help of family lawyers.

Once a divorce order has been signed, family law states your property will need to be divided within a year.

In case the two of you can’t come to an agreement about property or other family law matters, you must file a separate application within 12 months of the divorce date. Otherwise, you will need to ask the court for permission to apply. 

In the event that parents cannot agree about the arrangements for children, you can try to resolve the disagreement through family dispute resolution or mediation. However, you may find yourself headed to court if you can’t reach a settlement. 

In all of these things, you are best served by having accredited family law specialists on your side providing legal representation. Family lawyers can help you negotiate agreements or resolve disputes about property or children before going to court.

They can also provide legal advice about child custody arrangements, divorce settlements, child support, spousal maintenance, and all other aspects of family law. Family lawyers, or divorce lawyers, provide services for children’s matters, property arrangements, and other aspects of Australian family law.

Our Vision

Our family lawyers are committed to the idea of taking care of you and your family, in whatever form that needs to take.

We believe that you deserve to know the truth – no matter how difficult it may be to hear.

You should feel safe and respected in our offices, which we have designed with your needs at heart.

We know that legal matters can be stressful and difficult, but we are here to help you through them with dignity and respect.

We will represent your interests in any situation, from negotiation to court.

We believe we are more than a law firm — we’re your partner and advisor in this troublesome time.

Our Services

Our family lawyers offer expert services that cover the full range of family law. We will work with you to find a solution that is best for your needs and circumstances.

Our attorneys are highly experienced professionals who can help people of all ages through challenging times related to families in their relationships.

We provide all the legal services you need for divorce or separation in one integrated solution that removes you from your difficult situation as quickly as the law allows.

We work to help protect your children and your assets. This includes financial advice during separation or divorce, cases that include property disputes or parenting arrangements, and legal guidance for grandparents who want contact with their grandchildren following separation or divorce.

Our lawyers will always do their best to get a great settlement for your case through mediation or arbitration, but they are ready to vigorously defend your rights and interests in the courtroom, if necessary.

Melbourne's Best Family Lawyers

At the end of the day, we are the best family lawyers in Melbourne. Let us show you how our compassionate and experienced team of attorneys can make a difference in your life.

Call us today for a free consultation and Let us help you find your way.

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