Our firm was founded in Melbourne, Australia, back in 1998. Robert T. Hart, who had studied law at Oxford University before returning to his native country, started the law firm to help people with their family matters.

When Jason Carter entered the company as a partner in 2006, he joined a thriving solo practice that quickly grew to include a small team of attorneys.

Today, we are a well-respected legal organization with over ten family lawyers on staff to serve our clients in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. This is the perfect size for a family law firm – not so large that we can’t find time to discuss cases together, and not so small that we can’t take on complex or difficult cases.

We specialise in all areas of family law, including divorce, separation, property settlement, de facto disputes, and international families. Our family lawyers are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for you, so we handle all cases with care and sensitivity.

In addition to being an excellent legal resource for our clients, we also actively engage in the community through involvement with organisations such as the Australian Women Lawyers Association (AWLA), Law Society of Victoria Legal Aid Panel Fund Committee, and Federal Magistrates Court Family Law Advisory Group.

We provide legal advice for all family matters, including divorce proceedings, child custody battles, parental rights disputes, prenuptial agreements, and inheritance and property settlement.

We have dedicated family lawyers who will work with you on your case from beginning to end. Our family lawyers offer insight into each aspect of your problem so that we can present you with concrete solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Suppose our clients find themselves needing to start the adoption process with an Australian court. In that case, we can help guide them through this complicated matter as well as provide legal assistance throughout the entire procedure.

Melbourne Family Lawyers

We are a family law specialist firm based in Melbourne with extensive experience and knowledge of Australian and International Family Law cases. We specialise exclusively in family matters; we know what it takes to resolve any issue swiftly.

Specialists from our team of family lawyers have accreditation from the prestigious Law Institute of Victoria, giving you peace of mind that your case is being handled properly. Accredited family law specialists of the Law Institute of Victoria offer clients a higher degree of quality when it comes to their specialty area. Law Institute of Victoria accreditation provides immediate recognition that is recognised throughout all of Australia, meaning you can be assured your attorney has an elite level of qualification and skill for handling family law matters in particular. 

On our team, we handle all sorts of family law matters. Whether you are going through a financial dispute or have parenting disputes about children, our family lawyers will work to settle your issues using mediation and collaborative lawyering approaches first. Still, they will certainly take them to court if necessary. We want each case resolved as quickly as possible so that their clients achieve positive, pragmatic outcomes.

We have argued cases in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Family Court of Australia, and State Supreme Court. Whether your case involves a million-dollar business or just an average Australian home – our family lawyers know how to get you the best possible result.

Our experienced and knowledgeable solicitors can help you with the toughest legal issues with ease. We’ve helped many clients through mediation, avoiding court cases that are often expensive, time-consuming, and stressful for everyone involved.

If a spouse refuses to negotiate on reasonable terms, we will need you to go before a judge to promote your best interests. With us, you are represented by a Melbourne family law firm that knows how and when litigation should be utilised, as well as which situations are more suited for settlement out-of-court.

We understand that when children are involved, the outcome needs to be handled with care. To avoid long-term emotional damage and maintain an amicable relationship between all parties, we will recommend counsellors or psychologists who can offer guidance on how best to protect our clients’ interests without compromising their child’s mental wellbeing.

A Law Institute of Victoria accredited family lawyer from our team is ready to support you with professional services, representation, and good advice. You can access a free appointment with a simple phone call.

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Our Family Law Services

Divorce Family Lawyer Melbourne

Our Melbourne family law firm is expert at all aspects of divorce cases. One of our accredited family law specialists can help you prepare for separation’s financial and emotional aspects before it takes place and represent you afterward.

You may only apply for a divorce in Australia after being separated from your spouse for at least one year. The Family Law Act of 1976 created “no-fault divorce,” which means that the only grounds needed to be divorced is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably; who’s fault it is not important. If there are children under 18 years of age, the Court will only grant the divorce if they believe you have made proper arrangements for their welfare and happiness.

If you and your spouse agree, a Joint Application for divorce may be filed. If the other party does not “agree” to divorce proceedings or equal parenting time, then this presents no problem as you can still file independently, but it will be necessary to serve them with the application before proceeding in court.

The Court will grant a divorce even if the other party objects to it as long as there is evidence of one-year separation and proper arrangements for juveniles. If you are separated but living under the same roof, it may still be possible to get divorced.

If you just want to divide up properties or sort out financial matters, divorce is not mandatory – there are other ways of doing that without going through this process. It can be faster as well, because they do not require divorcing couples to wait a year before coming to an agreement about property and children’s issues. Divorce is a separate, independent legal action.

Once granted at the divorce hearing, a divorce order does not become final until one month and one day later. This means that you should avoid finalising any plans to remarry, as you can only remarry once the court fixes its date of approval on your case.

Our Melbourne family lawyers can support you through the emotional toll of divorce with advice and counsel. We will help you start to think about details of parenting, spousal maintenance, and other aspects of family law.

Property and Financial Family Lawyer Melbourne

We believe the wisest thing you can do before discussing child support, financial, and property issues with a separated spouse is to get legal advice from an expert.

Family law is rarely straightforward, and it’s challenging to understand your rights. You need a family lawyer to assess your situation and guide you through difficult conversations with a spouse or partner. If that’s too stressful or more than you want to do, we’ll handle negotiations, so all they have to do is sign off when the divorce settlement has been reached.

We deal with all property settlement problems in a holistic way. We have the knowledge of how to resolve your Family Law troubles in the context of your entire circumstances – with particular attention paid to relationships, finances, and taxation.

Years of experience has given our family lawyers expertise in many areas:

  • Settlements and negotiations out of court
  • Trusts and agreements related to child support
  • Litigation over disputed settlements
  • Application for sole occupancy and use of family home
  • Assessing pools of assets and reviewing complex financial structures
  • Conflicts over child support
  • Business and company valuation
  • Disputes over lump-sum payments and periodic maintenance
  • Finding the most tax-effective settlements and identifying capital gains issues
  • Problems with de facto marriages 
  • Business and family trust property settlements
  • Separated partners’ financial settlement agreements
  • Identifying “hidden” assets and safeguarding your assets
  • Unmarried couples’ cohabitation and financial agreements
  • Splitting superannuation
  • Agreements prior to marriage

Our family lawyers can help with dispute resolution and advice for those looking for a better outcome than they would receive working directly with their partner. We understand the family law matters involved and will support you in your efforts to achieve a resolution that is fair to you.

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Children's Lawyers Melbourne

A Melbourne family lawyer from our team will represent your interests through all areas relating to child custody, including visitation rights, relocation matters, child support, or any other related children’s matters.

The Family Law Act stipulates the best interests of the child as being paramount when deciding on living arrangements following parental separation. In order to protect the interests of the children in family court cases, they will apply a presumption that an equally shared parenting responsibility is best for their well-being.

It is important to understand that parenting responsibility and parenting time are not the same thing under family law. Equally shared parenting responsibility means that both parents have a say in major long-term decisions about their children, such as education, medical care, and the like. On the other hand, equal parenting time refers to how much time each child spends with one parent or another; it doesn’t include day-to-day or routine matters.

Child custody can be a very complex subject when dealing with separation. It is crucial to ensure that the children are well cared for and get time with both parents, so they don’t feel lost or forgotten about in either household. When it comes down to deciding how much time each child should spend, the court will assess if this parenting time should be an equal amount or a “substantial and significant” amount for the children based on their needs and considering what’s going on around them such as school attendance, extracurricular activities, and the like.

Child support is likewise a difficult and contested issue. Our Melbourne family lawyers have decades of experience in child support and other children’s matters.

International Family Lawyers Melbourne

This section of family law includes divorce, separation, and property settlement between parties when one or both are not native Australians. The law is complex, but our family law specialists have a thorough understanding and can represent your interests.

This branch of family law also encompasses the international relocation of children and freedom of movement. Adults generally have the right to freedom of movement and can choose where they live, provided their visa is valid. However, it’s a problem in a separation or divorce if one parent wishes to take their child out of the country without consent from the other.

The Family Law Act makes it illegal to take a child outside of Australia without getting court approval or formal consent from both parents first, and these cases are often very complex. It’s important to consult with an accredited family law specialist and have legal representation to maximise your success in such cases.

Overseas adoption law is a complex and delicate subject. In order to ensure the best interests of children, you should seek legal representation when adopting from overseas countries. Our family law firm provides legal assistance for adoptions from overseas countries such as China or India.

Family Violence

Our family law firm is committed to preventing family violence in Melbourne. The vast majority of our pro bono work is done on behalf of those who need protection from family violence.

Although there are many resources available to victims of family violence through a call to the police or contact with the Magistrate’s Court staff, you may find that you want the added help of an accredited family law specialist who can provide you with experienced family law expertise.

Our family lawyers can help you navigate the legal system so that you, your children, and your property are all protected from violence. Reach out today and speak to one of our attorneys.

Family Lawyers Melbourne

At our family law firm, we provide cost-effective family law solutions with the highest level of client care. Our Melbourne family lawyers have a wealth of experience providing sound advice for your situation, from children’s matters to property settlements. Our family law firm understands how to help people through difficult times in their lives.

When you need us most, our family lawyers are here for you – from prenuptial agreements and spousal maintenance to custody arrangements and child support payments. Our Melbourne family lawyers have expertise across all areas of family law, including property disputes and relationship breakdowns, so if you’re looking for help with any aspect of your life or that of your family, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

No matter what family law matters you are concerned about, we can help. Our Law Institute of Victoria accredited attorneys are specialists in all aspects of family law, ready to support you with advice and services you can trust. Our team is here to resolve all the details of your complex problems with professional representation.

We want to be your trusted partner in navigating these difficult times. Our Melbourne family law team has the experience and resources you need for a successful, cost-effective outcome that gets you what matters most.

You can be confident knowing that, with us, you’re in good hands.

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